Employment Matters

Employment Matters

If you have a question or are experiencing difficulty with an employment matter, we can help you.

Aden Lawyers provides strategic advice for employers and employees in wide range of employment matters such as employment contracts, advice on wage claims, unfair and unlawful dismissals, enterprise agreements and workplace audits.

Please note that in some areas of law such as unfair and unlawful dismissals, strict time frames apply. In these types of matters, your application must be filed in the Fair Work Commission within 21 days of your dismissal taking effect.

Employment Law covers a large range of matters, and are able to assist you in the following areas:

Employment Advice

  • Drafting Employment Contracts
  • Advice on defending wage claims
  • Restraint of trade & breach of confidentiality obligations
  • Advice on under performing and/or misbehaving employees
  • Advice on termination of employment
  • Discrimination & sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Advice on job descriptions and staff recruitment
  • Advice on ill and/or injured employees
  • Implementing workplace policies (including policy drafting)
  • Advice on Modern Awards
  • Individual Flexibility Agreements

Unfair Dismissals

  • Advice on Unfair Dismissal Claims
  • Advice on Constructive Dismissals (forced termination)
  • Appearing in the Fair Work Commission
  • Fair Work Commission Conciliation Conferences
  • Jurisdictional Objections
  • Preparation for Fair Work Commission Hearings
  • Appeals
  • Enforcement of Orders

Unlawful Dismissal

  • Advice on Unlawful Dismissal Claims
  • Advice on General Protection Claims
  • Appearing in the Fair Work Commission
  • Appearing in Federal Circuit Court of Australia
  • Preparation for Court Hearings
  • Appeals


  • Advice on Anti-Bullying
  • Fair Work Commission Conciliation Conferences
  • Preparation for Fair Work Commission Hearings

 Enterprise Agreements

  • Drafting Enterprise Agreements
  • Negotiating and Liaising with Unions
  • Voting and Approval of Enterprise Agreements
  • Preparation for Fair Work Commission Hearings
  • Varying Enterprise Agreements
  • Terminating Enterprise Agreements

 Unpaid Wage Claims

  • Unpaid Superannuation Claims
  • Unpaid Annual Leave and or Long Service Leave Claims
  • Unpaid Bonus or Commission Claims
  • Enforcing Employment Contracts and or Award entitlements

 Workplace Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Victimisation Claims

  • Discrimination
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Victimization
  • Vilification
  • Complaints to the Anti-Discrimination Commission
  • Applications in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal

Queensland Industrial Relations Commission

  • Advice of Long Service Leave
  • Advice on Public Sector Unfair Dismissal Claims
  • Advice on Public Sector Anti-Discrimination and Bullying Claims
  • Advice on Public Sector Employment Disputes
  • Employment Contract Declarations
  • Appeals to the Industrial Court

 Workplace Audits

  • Fair Work Ombudsman Audits
  • Australian Tax Office Audits
  • Payroll Tax Litigation/Audits
  • Workplace Health and Safety Investigations

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